Media Releases

RELEASE: New Research Finds Hotels Saved $7 for Every $1 Invested in Reducing Food Waste
Source: Press Release

RELEASE: The Netherlands Announces National Program to Reduce Food Waste
Source: Press Release

RELEASE: Companies Commit to Simplify Food Date Labels Worldwide by 2020, Reducing Food Waste
Source: Press Release

RELEASE: Michael La Cour and Selina Juul Join Champions 12.3, Coalition to Reduce Food Loss and Waste
Source: Press Release

RELEASE: New Research Finds Companies Saved $14 for Every $1 Invested in Reducing Food Waste
Source: Press Release

RELEASE: The Consumer Goods Forum Joins Champions 12.3 Coalition to Mobilize Progress to Halve Food Waste
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RELEASE: Champions 12.3 Coalition Expands Members, Actions to Help Reduce Food Loss & Waste
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RELEASE: New “Champions 12.3” Coalition to Inspire Action to Reduce Food Loss & Waste
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Opinion Editorials

Paul Polman on Fixing a Broken Food System
Author: Paul Polman
Source: Wall Street Journal

We have a collective responsibility to halve food loss and waste
Author: Liz Goodwin
Source: Thomson Reuters

Clock Ticking on Food Waste
Author: Dave Lewis
Source: Huffington Post

¿Amas la naturaleza? Deja de tirar comida
Author: Yolanda Kakabadse
Source: El Pais

Future of Food: Reducing Waste
Author: Vytenis Andriukaitis
Source: Impakter

Food waste: how governments, financiers and consumers can play their part
Author: Sunny Verghese
Source: Thomson Reuters

Tackling food waste: something politicians can agree on
Author: Liz Goodwin
Source: The Hill

Curbing food waste saves money, as well as the planet
Author: Dave Lewis
Source: The Telegraph

Choose or Lose: Why Gisele and I Are Shifting to a Sustainable Diet
Author: Andrew Steer
Source: Huffington Post

Las ciudades de America Latina deben luchar contra el desperdicio de comida 
Author: Yolanda Kakadase
Source: esglobal

By Measuring Food Waste, We Can Manage It
Author: Louise Fresco, Peter Bakker, Paul Bulcke, Hans Hoogeveen, Paul Polman
Source: Thomson Reuters

The Food We Don’t Eat
Author: Liz Goodwin
Source: The Huffington Post

We grow enough food. Getting it onto people’s plates is the problem. 
Author: Kanayo F. Nwanze
Source: The Huffington Post

There Is No Time to Waste on Food Waste
Author: Dave Lewis
Source: The Grocer

The Immorality of Food Waste
Author: Vytenis Andriukaitis
Source: The Huffington Post

A solution to hunger? Stop throwing dinner away: Column
Author(s): Judith Rodin and Sam Kass
Source: USA Today

Featured Articles

Tesco CEO Dave Lewis Says Tackling Food Waste Is “The Right Thing To Do” 
Source: The Huffington Post UK

Nigeria: UNEA Pushing Resolutions for Environmenal Sustainability
Source: AllAfrica

Sam Kass Dishes on the State of Food Policy
Source: Washingtonian

This Is What a Feast for 5,000 Made From Food Waste Looks Like
Source: Iowa Public Radio

Reducing Food Waste in America: the Next Hot Consumer Issue
Source: Huffington Post

Stop Ruining the Future

To Help Curb Climate Change, Stop Wasting Food
Source: Sunday Times (Zimbabwe) 

Global Leaders Commit to Food Waste Fight
Source: Resource Magazine

Nestle, Tesco, Unilever CEOs Among ‘Champions 12.3,’ Determined To Halve Global Food Waste
Source: Sustainable Brands

Tesco CEO Heads Up Global Food Waste Campaign Launched at Davos
Source: The Guardian