Monday, March 6, 2017
One-third of all food produced in the world is never eaten, which has tremendous economic, social and environmental consequences. New research on behalf of Champions 12.3 finds that for every $1 companies invested to reduce food loss and waste, they saved $14 in operating costs. The report finds that household savings could be much greater.
Tuesday, June 21, 2016
The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) has agreed to join Champions 12.3, a coalition of leaders from governments, businesses, farmer groups, and civil society organisations dedicated to inspire ambition, mobilise action, and accelerate progress toward achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Target 12.3 by 2030.
Thursday, April 21, 2016
Ahead of the United Nations General Assembly High-level Thematic Debate on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement signing ceremony, the Champions 12.3 coalition announced six new international leaders joining its effort to inspire ambition and mobilize action to reduce global food loss and waste.
Thursday, January 21, 2016
At the World Economic Forum in Davos, a coalition of 30 leaders – Champions 12.3 – launched a new effort to inspire ambition and mobilize action to reduce food loss and waste globally.